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Some words From Joy
My journey over the last 2 years has been exciting and absolutely extraordinary for me. I was getting close to 50 and I realized I was out of shape, had knee pain from arthritis and right shoulder pain from an injury 2 years prior. I kept telling myself that I had to change my ways if I wanted to be physically fit when I hit my 70's. I started doing Zumba, palates, and kickboxing. Then, in August of 2013 my daughter Jade introduced me to Bryan Beanue and CrossFit. My life and the way I think about fitness have changed forever.

Once I started CrossFit my joint pain went away and I started to have a positive outlook on my life and how I felt as a woman. When the opportunity of competing in a CrossFit competition arose, it was something that I wanted to do. To date, I have entered two competitions; the first one was with my daughter, where we were one of the three mother daughter teams in the event. Our goal was not to come in last and we hit that goal! The second one was a master’s competition where I took the podium coming in third place. I wanted to stand on a podium just once in my life and it did not matter that there were only three of us in my age group – taking the podium is taking the podium! My dream came true that day, I was a winner, I had an experience of a lifetime, and I had the most wonderful CrossFit team around me cheering me on.

I am currently embarking on one of my life’s most exciting journeys. Since I was a child I wanted to participate in a fitness bikini competition. I remember watching Arnold Shwartzenger’s competitions and seeing the women competitors thinking to myself, “I could do that.” Still, as a 50 year old woman, it was a distant thought in my mind. I had never been personally exposed to the possibility of me actually making that dream come true, until recently. One of the women from my CrossFit box was getting ready for a bikini fitness competition. When I watched her excitement I wanted to feel what she was feeling, her excitement was contagious. Since CrossFIt has given me confidence and a positive outlook on life, I decided to ask Bryan what he thought about me competing. 

When I got the nerve up to ask him, without hesitation he said he had no doubt I could. He advised me that it would take commitment and hard work, and with that, he was positive that I could do it. Bryan laid out the groundwork for me: the commitment, the new way of eating, the training and the cost. So, in April of 2015, I started my journey with my own diet for two months. Then in June, I started on the meal plan Bryan wrote for me.In his meal plan, I did have some planned cheat meals and drinks throughout the summer, which made it easier to stay the path. I lost two to four pounds per week in the beginning, and I learned to love this healthy way of life. Here are a few things that helped in my meal plan success:

•Eat clean and plan cheat meals
•Planning a cheat meal is much more enjoyable than if I cheat daily
•Eating clean makes me feel great, mentally and physically
•Eating poorly more than 2 days in a row makes me feel like crap
I also want women to know how important it is to pick weights up and do squats. I can’t stress how important it is for our musculoskeletal system keeping it strong so we can do everyday living. Cardio and weight lifting is all incorporated in crossfit and each work outis geared to your personal ability. I started barely being able to pick a 35# bar up and now I can dead lift 225#, clean and jerk 95#, bench press 85#. I can scrub my floors on my hands and knees easier carry all my groceries in one trip, up nine stairs. Life is just better.

My training to get to the stage for my bikini competition has been in the CrossFit community. I have had great coaching from Bryan and his group of coaches at Building Your Temple CrossFit. I have the love and support of the BYT team, which includes my husband David, and daughter Jade. I could not have done this without all of them and I want them to know I appreciate and love each and every one of them. Also my dad who sparked my interest again in this a few years back, passedaway October 17, 2013. I know he will be watching me cheering me on from heaven on October 17, 2015 the day I take the stage and check another thing off my bucket list. My goal is just to do it and have fun that day. I don't care what place I come in, I will probably be older than most everyone that day. No one except the people who have taken this journey with me will know where I came from. It has been so worth it!