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About Us

BUILDING YOUR TEMPLE CrossFit core training programs focus on training your body to move in ways for which it was built. This unique functional approach is far from the industry standard, and helps differentiate us from our competitors. Our clients enjoy that we're very different from other trainers, and quickly excel in our programs. Instead of placing the client in a stationary machine for an hour, our workouts and exercises improve the way they move, decrease their chance for injury, and help them live a better life. This is why we enjoy the support of the vast majority of local physicians, physiotherapists, and chiropractors.
If you're new to BUILDING YOUR TEMPLE Crossfit, the first step is a free chat with our founder. No pressure, we're exercise professionals, not salespeople. We'll listen. Then we'll help chart a path toward the person you'd like to be. That may include personal training, group programs like CrossFit, a food plan, and it will almost always include homework.
BUILDING YOUR TEMPLE CrossFit is Oxford's only provider of high-level fitness training. Our key philosophies are to teach people how to improve their movements through practice; to use novelty and intensity to create a fun environment of constant progress; to maintain continued fitness and nutritional education as our primary goal for both coaches and clients. 
Building your Temple Circuit Training will be another defining service provided that will further set us apart from competitors. The boot camps are based on training that Coach Bryan received while training in the U.S. Marine Corps. They offer a unique experience and are great for someone who has never exercised before, while still exciting for those in peak physical condition. Using body weight and resistance bands, this incredible 1 hour workout burns 800-1,000 calories. The group setting builds a sense of unity throughout the class as well as accountability for one another and the desire to push each other beyond what you are capable of doing on your own. We offer for purchase the BYT Home Exercise DVD series, personalized meal and exercise plans, and the BYT clothing line. Social media is a large part of our online presence having access to over 10,000 people via Facebook. This allows us to keep our clients tied in to our lifestyle creating a unique and supportive fitness community.

BUILDING YOUR TEMPLE CrossFit also participates in a variety of charitable events throughout the year. BYT donates prizes to fundraisers as well as conduct several fundraisers of our own. Over the past year, BUILDING YOUR TEMPLE CrossFit has raised money for the STAND STRENGTH TEAM, an internationally known strength team that is currently on a Nation Wide Anti-Bully Campaign, changing our country one student at a time
What do we offer?
CrossFit Training Classes
Circuit Training Boot Camps
One-on-One Personal Training
Corporate Seminars
Personalized Meal and Nutritional Plans
Personalized Workout Plans